/// ALONG THE WAY (2014)

“…a 7-song EP that epitomizes Americana folk, country, and blues.”
– NY Music Examiner (US)

“…sweetly optimistic and fun-loving…”
– Guitar World Magazine (US)

“With eyes squeezed shut, mouth stretched wide and fingers dancing across the strings… Rosales brings a perfect blend of country, folk and blues to his live shows.”
– Music Connection Magazine (US)

“David Rosales is the latest sprout in the California crop of folk driven gentle rock.”
– Baeble Music (US)

“…a great lyricist. There’s a thoughtfulness and a profoundness about his words…”
– For the Country Record (UK)

“Fresh…free-flowing… ‘Along the Way’ is definitely an EP to set your spring and summer to this year…”
– OC Weekly (US)

“…a beautiful album, perfect for long drives through the mountains on cool summer evenings.”
– The Prelude Press (US)

“David epitomizes Southern California feel good music…”
– American Roots Sessions (US)

“…makes singing and playing guitar seem as easy as breathing…”
– (US)

“A little bit of Americana, a lil’ California, rock ‘n’ roll, country, folk…it’s a genre defier.”
– JoonBug (US)

“Rosales gives a nice twist to american folk/blues music.”
– Half Beat Magazine (US)

“… the kind of folk anthem[s] made for those summer nights spent drinking around a bonfire with friends.”
– Yupster Music (US)

“…a truly stunning work of art, with incredible harmonies, steady beats, and a beautifully simple instrumental, all accompanied by David Rosales’ impeccable deliverance of well-written lyrics…”
– Planet Stereo (US)

“…a refreshing voice in country music.”
– Music from the Row (US)

“Huntington Beach’s own David Rosales, whose talent for lyrics and songwriting have garnered him notoriety among folk and acoustic circles nationwide. His sweetly optimistic and upbeat Along the Way EP is a gentle collection of the singer’s penchant for writing old fashioned love songs presented with a bluesy, folk and Americana sensibility.”
– OC Weekly (US)

“…beautifully crafted songs, meaningful lyrics and raw emotion.”
– Lens Over Time (US)

“…a set composed of songs boasting considerable literacy in variations of Americana. From country-inflected to SoCal folk, Rosales showed his knack for a range of songcraft.”
– Exclaim (CA)

“…soulful voice…”
– Daily SoCal (US)

“…dreamy… memorable… beautiful…”
– For the Country Record (UK)

/// ON THE SEA (2013)

“…On The Sea, is a melodious love letter to beautiful song-writing.”
We Are Unseen (UK)

“…unique blend of melancholy blues and country… their sound is unmistakably their own.”
AOL MUSIC’s The Boot (US)

“…effervescent… a mixture of vaudevillian and romantic; something right out of an old western comedy.”
KROQ 106.7FM Los Angeles (US)

“Think beautiful harmonies, well written lyrics, easy breezy feeling arrangements…”
Guitar World Magazine (US)

“Coastal Americana… mesmerizing… deep… soulful…”
Southern Distinction Magazine (US)

“FOLK ART… a new kind of soulful, folksy sound…”
Modern Luxury / Riviera Magazine (US)

“… On the Sea fits perfectly with a summer night, a glass of wine in hand. You get the picture.”
– GW’s Acoustic Nation (US)

“…On The Sea, a collection of sad but sweet modern day Americana love songs.”
Infectious Magazine (US)

“…playful… catchy… clear musical chemistry.”
Charged.FM (US)

“…So good… Awesome…”
KX 93.5FM Laguna Beach (US)

“…heartwarming lyrics that will make you feel better about love…even though it’s not always easy.”
Plugged In (US)

“…good ole down home country…”
Soundz of NorCal (US)

“…simple, yet mature songcraft and vocal blend.”
AOL MUSIC’s The Boot (US)

“…folk revival… mellow out w/ the rustic sounds of this vineyard-traveling duo.”
The Desert Sun (US)

/// SMILE (2012)

“…a true artist… honest and intimate…”
– The Indie Times (US)

“…to be enjoyed and savored; like a fine whiskey…”
– Sacramento Press (US)

“…powerful, deep, and driving voice hints at artists like Johnny Cash and Ryan Bingham…”
– Rabbits Black (US)

“Resurrecting… classic tone… and an impressive baritone vocal delivery.”
– Infectious Magazine (US)

“…It truly is a work of art that provides peaceful solace in a time when we are all hoping for brighter days. It will be hard to find another record this year that can match or challenge the passion that David Rosales gives us with ‘SMILE’.”
– Music Junkie Press (US)